Phase Shift

Phase Shift 87


Martha nodded, then straightened.  “I don’t know much yet.  He said he’d fill me in when the time came.  He told me she was forcing him into this.  They plan on taking Webster’s down, all the way down.  Something about a rival company this woman owns that’s all set to swoop in and take over.  Some long-standing vendetta against Webster and a cop.”  Looking over at him she said, “I assume that cop is you?”

“You’d be right about that.  I don’t know how, but Damara and I go back a way. She’s been in the game a long time, uses whoever she finds along the way to assist her.  Although we’ve managed to capture a couple of her cohorts, your brother is the latest in a long line, and by no means the last.”

“I’m not sure what my role is supposed to be.  Sykes explained I was in the right place and by helping him, I’d save his life.  If he appeared to go along even though he had something on her, something she wasn’t aware of, he could get out free and clear.”

“Leaving whatever happens to fall on you since you would be the “inside” man as it were.”

“I can’t believe he’d use me this way.”

“He has his own agenda, Martha, he’s willing to double-cross her and he’s obviously willing to sacrifice you to do it.”

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