After giving Martha pertinent contact information that would reach him immediately, without exception, he looked her in the eye and said, “It takes a strong woman, with great moral fiber to right a wrong, Martha.  You have that in spades.  Having said that, I’m truly sorry you are forced into this situation.”

“I am too, Randal.  I wished it were different, could be different, but my brother chose his path long ago, one I’m not on board with and never have.  I guess in some sad way, I’m glad our parents aren’t here to see this.  They’d have been devastated, truly devastated.”

“You do them proud, Martha.  That’s important to remember.  So much has been asked of you, and you’ve given with your whole heart and soul.  That must be acknowledged and I’m sure that they are watching with great respect and love.”  Martha seemed to take some measure of comfort at his words.  A smile temporarily lit her face, and for an instant, she was quite beautiful as the worry and concern momentarily disappeared.

“Use this contact information only when absolutely necessary.  It’s encrypted coded and protected.  It would be disastrous should Damara got her hands on it.”

“I’ve already committed it to memory. No need to worry, Randal.”

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