The clandestine meeting with Martha went well,  genuinely relieved at learning she wasn’t part of the nefarious plan.  Her brother should rot in hell for involving his sister in his bullshit.  She’d sincerely done her best, stood by him his entire life, was someone who deserved respect and he was still willing to use her and dispose of her in a cruel and vicious fashion.  Randal shook his head as he walked away.

Randal had slipped a tracker into Martha’s purse relieving his mind somewhat.  Hopefully keeping tabs on her would assist him in protecting her from both Damara and Sykes lest either attempt to harm her.

So, Sykes had a plan, did he?  Well well, the little weasel had more guts than Randal had given him credit for. He was probably as devious as Damara, but certainly not smart enough to best her.  A match made in heaven, a duo that found themselves working on the same side for their own purposes, and who would use anyone to get what they were after.  Sykes was willingly playing along as it served his purposes as much as Damara’s.  If he thought he’d blackmail Damara, he was dead wrong.  He obviously wasn’t aware of who he was dealing with.  If he thought blackmailing her was a good idea, he’d be dead before he hit the ground. The instant she realized he wasn’t doing her bidding, he was done.  Damara took no prisoners.

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