As willow trees swayed

I felt a little like a renegade

Languorous yet undeterred



As summer breezes caressed

I felt relaxed and truly blessed

Who would ever have guessed


Sitting quietly could be therapeutic

Listening to the ocean’s lovely music

Alone in this solitary and exclusive


Setting meant for me and me alone

Relaxation skills I could now hone

In a place that I would now call home


A New Daily Post Word Prompt – June 17th, 2018 – Word: Languorous

12 thoughts on “Languorous

    1. Thank you so much. It’s always touching to hear. Truly. I love your family stories. Incredibly written, thoughtful real and with a delightful touch of history as it truly was. I love them.

        1. You are so welcome, Ann. I so look forward to each installment about your family. It’s delightful reading. You have a warm close and loving family. Do any of your family read your work? Because it’s such a remarkable family history. Something that so few get to experience as so much is lost over time, thought unimportant, but it’s those “moments” of wonder learning discovering and reactions and responses by different members of the family that make a family. 🙂

          1. I do have family that reads my blogs. I share with my daughter and grandchildren. She homeschools her kiddos, so when they review history, she incorporates our family history into her lessons. I have other family members that read my my stories and articles. I have also connected with cousins through my blog. This has been such a fun and rewarding experience. And I appreciate your feedback and your kind words.

          2. I know little of our family’s history. No one kept a record so it’s lost. We weren’t close either. I know bits and pieces. Your history is full of real time events and often the amusement that followed. It’s like opening a door to another world for me. I love it.

          3. Thank you. But I must admit, my family isn’t close anymore. In fact, my father abandoned us when I was 17. I started researching my family tree years ago because i love history and I loved the stories shared. I also have a back injury that sometimes keeps me in bed; I needed something to do to keep me from going nuts. For the most part,I did have a wonderful childhood, but my dad was an alcoholic. When I think of my father, it is like viewing two different men: the sober man and the drunk. When he was sober or those years was on the wagon, he was the best. When he would binge drink, we often had to run and hide. Researching my tree has opened my eyes, for I am starting to understand some of his demons. Writing has offered some healing as i remember the good. About a year and a hlf before he died, he called and apologized. We started talking and even planned on visiting, but we discovered he had cancer, and it took him beofore I could get there. I have written some about the dark side, but have only published one item. The Cycle

            Since my mom and brother passed away, the rest of us rarely speak or get together. Still, i cherish our younger years and want to keep those memories alive.

          4. Sounds so familiar! I came from a seriously abusive family. My brothers and I speak occasionally, not because we don’t want to but because lives are involved. The advent of FB made it less costly as they live a distance away and I couldn’t afford the long distance charges being a single mom raising my kids. Still, for all that, your stories have heart, and you share some interesting events that are in some ways common to us all, but reading them through your eyes makes them special. You are indeed a gifted writer. Nothing wrong with cherishing special memories especially as time passes. One they become even more special and two, an awesome gift to your kids and grandkids.

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