The day passed quickly.  Randal brought up pictures of Damara examining them more closely.  The hologram was perfection.  As he scanned it closely, he was intrigued.  He hadn’t noticed the strange “aura” emanating from her, surrounding her head to toe.  An odd glow nearly undetectable.  Zooming in, he noticed how unusual it was.  Even in the hologram it seemed to emanate, move. It wasn’t static by any means.

Hurrying to Germaine’s bedroom, he decloaked the mirror and stood before it.  He had the same emanating glow.  “What the hell!”  He’d never noticed it before.  The only explanation that made sense was that it connected him with the mirror.  In which case, the one surrounding Damara did the same. Why?  Had it attached itself to him or was it a result of entering the mirror?  Did it change as a result of each encounter?

He reached across his body to touch the glow.  It moved slowly, narrowed then widened. Dropping his arms, he moved them outward away from his body and the aura grew wider, brighter.  Covering the mirror, he raced back to the pictures of Damara.  Indeed, upon examination, there was a dark but subtle glow attached to her body, in each.  While his was more colourful and slightly brighter, hers carried an ominous feeling.  Whether it was with her or pertained to the instances in which she was involved, he wasn’t sure. This could provide a clue regarding her whereabouts, a way to trace her. He’d have to ask Sherry and Germaine if they could see it or if it was only visible to him.

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