He only meant to wrangle an invitation

To partake in the ceremonial plantation

An ensuing feud scrap and clash

Quickly escalated, erupted in a flash


He’d only had eyes for the girl of his dreams

The one with whom he’d shared many memes

Protective brothers stood by her side

Many of their barbs were very snide


Although his anger he tried to check

When told to leave, he was a redneck

A squabble ensued, that escalated

And he was immediately ejected


She seemed as perturbed as he

Promising to meet at the oak tree

He got it, he truly understood

Protecting her their job so they should


For she was a prize quite beyond compare

They knew little about him and so they glare

One day, hopefully soon, he’d show them all

She was worth far more than a brawl



A New Daily Post Word Prompt – June 20th, 2018 – Word: Wrangle

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