Germaine’s day had been taxing to say the least.  One heartbreaking moment to another due to ignorance and disdain.  Kids injured playing crazy games jumping onto hoods of racing cars, others on a joyride that took innocent lives.  It seemed no matter how many advancements man made, there was always someone thoughtlessly flouting the rules, leading to great pain for another.

When he entered Randal’s, dinner in hand, he was ready to sit back and relax.  He’d wondered about staying at Randal’s.  They never made him feel like a third wheel, he felt accepted, wanted and welcome.  Still, he wondered if it weren’t time to move back home.

He realized that with the three of them in one location, Damara didn’t have as many targets to aim at, and while it made sense, he longed for his own space.  Time was marching on.  He was antsy about finding something, anything to end this nasty little game of hers, once and for all.

They ate in companionable silence out on the back deck, summer’s warm breezes washing over them, the aroma of warm fresh air bringing with it the scent of unknown flowers and green grass with a hint from the river across the way.

Randal had taken stills of the holograms and showed then what he’d found.  Germaine looked Randal over in response to his question.  “I don’t see anything.  Perhaps you have to be in the vicinity of the mirror for it to show up.”

“You two game?”

“Always!”  they quickly agreed.

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