Once again, they returned to the draped mirror.  Events within were changing adapting.  Each time he’d approached the mirror something different had occurred and he wasn’t sure he was prepared for what came next.  Still, without trepidation, he held onto the mirror and was immediately transported to a location, familiar, teaming with cops.  He witnessed many of his fellow officers standing together ready for parade.  Each was saluting a man on the podium.  That man was him or a facsimile of him.

He was witnessing a ghost of himself.  Ephemeral, not real, without substance.  It was as awe inspiring as it was disconcerting.  He continued staring in disbelief.  The men and women present were dressed for the occasion, each with a look of uncertainty upon their faces.

Momentarily, the form became solid and he watched as each face noticed and reflected shock and awe.  Those nearest rushed toward him as if to grab onto his body.  The silhouette wavered, the aura around him glowing strong and unmistakable.

Unsure, he moved toward the podium and instantly became one with the form he had seen.  Through new eyes, he witnessed the look on their faces and smiled with affection toward all.

A voice called out, “Randal!”  He looked left at his second in command.

“Yes,” he responded.

“Come back, it’s urgent, do it now!”


“Soon you won’t be able to.  Time’s up.  Surprised you made it even now!”  The voice continued but Randal let go of the mirror, unable to hold on any longer.

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