“Dear God!  What the hell was that?”

He pondered the other man’s words.  “You won’t be able to come back?”  Back where?  He doubled in half sweating profusely.  It felt as though he were split in two with each part vying for a place.  Looking at his face in the mirror he watched the aura around him vibrate frenetically uncontrollably and although he felt no pain, he felt a numbness take hold of him.  A mind-numbing moment that held his physical being as well his mind, trapped in a nano-second, as if by unseen hands.

When he could again move, he draped the mirror, dropped onto the bed and held onto his head.  Not a headache, but something else, something unexplainable.  There was no dread associated with the moment either, simply an absence of feeling as if his body were encapsulated in a vortex of nothingness. Not real, not unreal, not true nor a lie, just nothing, not even emptiness.  The sensation left and he sat drained.

It was as though he’d witnessed a picture of past and present, old and new, there and here, both pulling at him.  Decision.  That’s what his mind kept telling him.  What decision?  Pertaining to what exactly?

If he weren’t completely aware of his surroundings, he’d have thought he was crazy, had entered a moment of insanity.  Where could he look for answers?

Obviously, Damara was a part of this.  She knew what was going on and she’d been there and was completely aware of everything.  He had to find her!  He now felt it was imperative, not only to right her wrongs, not just to capture her for her crimes, but to solve the unknown dilemma he himself faced.


6 thoughts on “Phase Shift 97

  1. I’m feeling anxious for him to find her too, that is a complement my dear.

    Oh did you see that you won 3rd in the six-word story challenge? Well done! It’s one of my favorite challenges on WP.

      1. Thank you for forwarding this. I didn’t know I’d been nominated. Congrats on lst. woot woot. I loved yours it was awesome. And thank you for the complement. I’m sincerely touched!

    1. I love it, problem is I get busy and miss it so often ok most of the time though I look for it. argh. Delighted and glad you posted me or I wouldn’t have known. 🙂 high five! on the win, Sheryl

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