A few years ago, when I was an avid FB follower, someone sent me a story.  It was made into a short movie at some point and I’ve since found several relating the same story acted out by great actors.  I wrote the following poem and went in search of one of the “shorts”.  I found it and have added it at the end of the poem if you are so inclined to watch.  It always brings a tear of joy to my eye.  Enjoy 🙂

For it is a moment in time, a gift from one to another, given thoughtfully, freely with understanding and compassion.


A voyage around the world

In technicolour, a story unfurled

So detailed, he laughed and smiled

Taken in, completely beguiled


Every day a new tale spun

After the rain, a radiant sun

Oh how these stories brightened his day

Keeping the sorrow gently at bay


Taking him on a voyage so sweet

His heart felt joyous and replete

With images he could only imagine

Indeed a delightful distraction






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