Sleep deprived my head foggy

I am but a carbon copy

Quick I need me a cup of coffee

For I’ve clearly lost the saucy


How I want the edge back

Hating the feelings so slack

Giving my head a thwack

Sitting quietly in my wingback


Hoping enlightenment will come

As I sit here and twiddle my thumbs

Give me a moment to gain my tongue

And a new song, delightfully sung


As my brain slowly awakens

And I don’t feel quite so vacant

With myelf I must be patient

Now ready for conversation

6 thoughts on “Deprived

      1. I think it has something to do with their proteins being similar to wheat proteins. Sounds strange, I know… but I have to avoid wheat because it causes health problems. I noticed coffee started to cause some similar issues so I decided to stay away from it. Whenever I back down and try one… I regret it.

        1. I can’t eat wheat either. Coffee’s fine now as I buy beans and grind so there isn’t any filler in it. I know about regret…been there done that. love it, want to eat it, then regret sets in lol

          1. Yeah, I just might have to try that. My husband bought me one recently from Starbucks and my stomach just didn’t like it.

          2. Well if your into trying it, I found the beans and grinding worth while. I don’t drink tea, not often, then I’ll have a bout of wanting nothing but, but every morning, is definitely coffee time. This way at least I know what I’m getting.

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