Vance Edwards marched forward with Brenda Dixon moving in tandem on his right.  Thankful they’d found Randal, they advanced with precision, ready to real him in.  Hands on holo-guns they approached Randal quickly without hesitation. They were within five feet of Randal expecting he’d notice their presence.  Oddly, he didn’t.  Looking Randal over, he noticed the tell-tale aura surrounding him.  The woman he had clutched in his arms exhibited an aura that seemed to shimmer.  It wasn’t permanent.  Damn!

Fingers on the communication device, he’d been prepared to whisk Randal away, an impossibility while he was clutched in an embrace with the unknown woman.  He motioned Brenda inside.

She hurried through the house, inspecting as she went, her hand-held device emanating a blue light that grew more neon the further inside she moved.  Racing onward she took the stairs two at a time until she found Germaine’s room.  Clicking the device, it buzzed then went silent.

Moving toward the mirror, she dropped the shroud to peer inside.  Primitive, but it worked.  Brenda watched the images move.  “Damara!”  she exclaimed with disgust.  A man and woman stood with her and while the man looked seedy and sleazy, the woman looked decidedly uncomfortable.  For a split second she turned her back and clicked a button on whatever she was holding in her hand.

“Interesting!” Brenda exclaimed.

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