Sanctimonious – Sheryl’s daily prompt

Best I could do.  Other than certain public figures (who shall remain nameless although quite obvious) I haven’t meant many sanctimonious types.  So this is pure fiction, so I hope you enjoy.


Feeling threatened some thought him priggish

Suggesting it was the accent, oh so British


Quickly labeling him sanctimonious

Even though they were erroneous


Had they gotten to know him better

They’d have learned it was just swagger


He cared deeply about humankind

Although his methods often high-handed


In the end, they’d learn the truth

Not before heaping much abuse


On the neighbour who simply cared

And his own views openly aired


Often just to get a rise out of those

Throwing the largest, most stones






A New Daily Post Word Prompt – June 29th, 2018 – Word: Sanctimonious

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