Cirrus cumulus stratus and more

Floating cross the sky, I couldn’t ignore


Fluffy temporary ever-changing delight

I lay on the grass, what a beautiful sight


Looking for shapes as they passed overhead

As high above me they quickly spread


Such a lovely moment in time shared

Laughing joking til they disappeared

7 thoughts on “Clouds

    1. Why thank you so much. I appreciate you stopping by and your uplifting comment. Truly. I’ve always enjoyed reading (all my teachers had me read whatever story we were covering in class out loud) so everyone got it. It was such a delight. Although I’ve encountered some major pitfalls, the ability to now write, has come at a time I needed it most. I love it!

      1. I wish I could write poetry. In another life I must have been a frustrated poet. I look forward to reading all your post. Happy 4th of July and have a great day✨

        1. Thank you so much. I’m Canadian, so July lst came and went, but I hope you enjoy a lovely day 🙂 I only started writing poetry with the advent of this blog. I’m definitely having fun with it. Take care, kind sir 🙂

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