Phase Shift – Part 2 Page 106


“Come here, you sexy devil!”  Brenda grabbed Vance by the shirt front and reeled him in.  Vance laughed before wrapping her up in an unforgettable hug followed by a kiss that left her weak at the knees.   Enjoying the glow and aftermath of that kiss which left little doubt about where this was going, Brenda said, “I’m happy with today.”

“Yeah, me too.  It was good work.  Great work.  The lost is found and he’ll find his way back, I’m sure of it.  Grass doesn’t grow under Randal’s feet.  He’ll keep working it until he finds the solution and answers.”

“I miss him, Vance.  He was a huge part of our lives.  Who knew he was so insightful on the romantic front?!”

“Yeah, remind me to thank him when he gets back.”  Laying another kiss more erotic than the last on her lips, he drew her in and they forgot about everyone and everything.

Much later, laying tangled up in bed together Brenda asked, “We ever going public?”

“Whenever you’re ready,” he promised with a kiss on her cheek.

Turning to face him she said, “You know policy.”

“Yeah, I know policy.  I’m ready to break policy and set up new parameters if need be.”

“You’d risk that?”

“For you?  In a heartbeat.”

Resting against him, his warmth enveloping her, Brenda said, “I hope Randal found this!  He deserves to.  He’s given up a lot to capture Damara.”  Brenda sighed.

“We’ll get him back.”  Vance was more hopeful than positive for he’d witnessed this type of disconnect before.



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