Celebrate – Daily Prompt – Sheryl

There is so much in life to celebrate

About which there can be no debate

The birth of each beautiful child

Or the moment they first smiled


The day you got your first real job

You know the one without the mop

The encounter with your heartthrob

And found out they were such a slob


The anniversary with the love of your life

With whom you’ve shared shades of strife

Yet you stuck together, overcoming it all

Standing beside one another proud ‘n tall


The celebration of life ‘n all it’s glories

Retold countlessly in tales and stories

Some full of adventure and angst

Wonderful memories now ensconced

Your Daily Word Prompt – Celebrate – July 4th, 2018

2 thoughts on “Celebrate – Daily Prompt – Sheryl

    1. Your pretty wonderful, Sheryl. You’ve been such a joy and blessing in my life since the first day I met you. I’m completely honoured and touched to have done so. Truly!

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