Phase Shift – Part 2 Page 108


“Ok, Emilio, go, you’re up.  Got anything?”

“Yeah.  Interesting stuff!  Damara’s been involved with four other companies.  She seems to have backed three.  The fourth belonged to a family member – her uncle – guess which one!”

“Fairmont!”  Vance declared.

“Yeah, Fairmont.  She’d have been a kid at the time, but he was her only living relative and he did his best by her, took her in when her parents died.  An only child with no other relatives, he stepped up.  From what I’ve read, he was a decent man.”

“Her proclivity for evil wasn’t learned behaviour but a choice!” Vance remarked quietly.

“Yeah.  At some point, having a roof over her head, clothes, activities – horseback riding, skating, several others started but not continued, wasn’t enough.  She wanted the good life and decided to find a way to get it.”

“Webster is payback!  Probably not the only enterprise she has going then.” Vance surmised.

“I’d say so.  If she hadn’t bothered with him, if Randal hadn’t gone after her, we might never have known.”

“She changed the course of history and if we don’t intervene, there will be untold losses on a scale so major we might not be able to repair it all,”  Emilio added.

“We need to repair the situation with Webster’s first but not exclude all her other endeavours.”

“Good to know.  Now that we have a basis, I want you to find out who she’s working with.  She didn’t fall onto the know-how and ins and outs of this sort of attack randomly.  She had help.  We need to know who that is and clamp down on him or her.  Pressure brought to bear could bring the reward we’re after – namely Damara!”

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