Phase Shift – Part 2 Page 110


Vance hopped into the tube, instantly whisked across town in the blink of an eye.  He loved his life, his job and Brenda and not in that particular order.  Although Randal may have lost his way temporarily, he’d be back where he belonged.  He was going to do everything in his power to ensure it.

At Central, he wandered into the Chief’s office.  When Marsden looked up, a smile lit his face.  “Vance, come in, come in.  Take a seat,” he invited.

Settling into the holo-chair, Vance smiled.  “The most comfortable seat in the house, I swear.”

“Might be at that.  Good to have everyone relaxed,” Marsden remarked thoughtfully.

“I filed my report but thought I’d give you heads up.”

Sitting back in his chair giving Vance his full attention he asked, “Something of particular interest?”

“Yeah.  Damara.”

“Ah yes, infamous Damara.”

“She had an uncle that raised her.  I’ve been looking into possible connections surrounding her life and who she might have reached out to to assist in her latest gambit.”


“It’s going to be touchy.”

“How so?”

“There’s a high-ranking police officer involved – a long lost distant cousin related by marriage.”

“Interesting.  Who?”

“Ever heard of Angus Campbell?”

“Rings a bell….”

“He’s in charge of policing hologram travel.”

“I see.”  Marsden paused.  “You think Damara has been using that connection?”

“She most certainly has.  I have to tread lightly here until I know more.  He is either an unwitting accomplice, or involved to his eyeballs.”

“You need me to pave the way?”

“Anything you can give me would be helpful.”

“I’m particularly interested in knowing whether he knew or was involved with Randal on any level.”

“Consider it done!”  Marsden promised.  “You’ll have the answer by end of day.”

Standing, Vance held out his hand.  “Thank you, Marsden.”

“My pleasure.  It would be a delight catching Damara and a feather in our cap since she’s managed to escape our grasp.  It would make sense she’d have high ranking assistance, wouldn’t it?”

“It would indeed.”


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