So many sounds included

Nothing much excluded


The trill of a beautiful bird

In the distance was heard

A streams gentle ripple

That made my toes wiggle


The clatter of horses hooves

As they majestically move

The rattle of chains on wagons

Hauling tons of food in barrels


Clapping of hands and tapping of feet

As the parade passes down the street

Oh what a joy, oh how much fun

Childrens voices raised as they sung


To the tunes played from nearby floats

Everyone listening to happy notes

Your Daily Word Prompt – Tintinnabulation – July 7th, 2018

5 thoughts on “Tintinnabulation – Sheryl’s Daily Post

    1. Thank you!!!! I know, I agree. At one time they were very special. Somewhere along the way they seem to have lost a little of the “shine”. no pun ok pun intended haha

  1. There is always a sense of joy in your poetry, and it feels as if it comes right from the heart. A perfect use of today’s prompt. Thank you for participating as often as you do my friend.

    1. It’s my pleasure, Sheryl. Thank you for the compliment too. It is from the heart and its important to me to spread a little joy hehe. It can be a bleak world and if what I write offers a little joy then I’m absolutely delighted. Thank you for the fine compliment really! That made my day!

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