Phase Shift – Part 2 Page 112

Phase Shift – Part 2 Page 112

Vance continued searching for a connection until his eyes blurred.  Damn it, there had to be something that caught Randal’s eye.  Intrigued beyond reason, he’d spent five hours searching meticulously.  Maybe that was the problem.  Maybe he’d narrowed his search too much.  Perhaps what was necessary was an overview.

Standing, he stretched shaking limbs back and forth.  He brought up the current hologram on the big screen and invited Brenda to have a look.  Two sets of eyes were better than one and perhaps they could spot the problem together.

Eating salads they’d had delivered, they sat side by side, holo-chairs touching. Randal would point out a discrepancy, they’d check it thoroughly and move on, then Brenda spotted something and they followed the same procedure.  Back and forth it went.  Finally, Randal called it a day.

“We’ve done all we can for the moment.  It’s late.  A fresh perspective and fresh eyes tomorrow could make the difference,” he surmised aloud.

Packing up to leave, Brenda added, “I know we’re onto something, I can feel it.  It’s here, we just haven’t found it yet.”

“I was hoping sooner than later.”

“I know.”  She gently rubbed a hand up and down his arm.  “Just as I know we’ll get there.”

Brenda’s optimistic nature was soothing.  Until this moment, Vance hadn’t realized how much he counted on her careful gentle nature as a buffer that relaxed the tension he felt.

They were meeting at his place and he’d definitely take the time to show her he appreciated her.  Everything about her.  Stopping at a florist shop, he obtained flowers, real ones he’d present upon her arrival.

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