Phase Shift

Phase Shift – Part 2 Page 113

Phase Shift – Part 2 Page 113


Vance arrived minutes before Brenda.  She was delighted if surprised at the artful display spread on the table.  “Wow!”  she remarked as she glanced at the preparation he’d done.  “This is special.”  She smiled warmly.

“Figured it was important.”  He took her in his arms.  “I realized today I don’t take enough time to tell you how special you are and what a change you’ve made in my life since you arrived in it.”

“Why thank you, Vance, that’s very nice to hear.”  She kissed him tenderly.

“I hope I got it right, your favourite foods, some flowers and I even remembered dessert.”

Carefully examining the setting, “You did a perfect job.”  She wasn’t given to tears but her eyes glistened just a little at the care he’d taken.

Dinner was a lively affair and they even managed to get through it without once bringing work into the conversation, a rarity these days.  Relaxed they sat side by side reminiscing about their first meeting – one in which they were at each other’s throats and which Randal broke up.  He’d forced them to work together to overcome their problem (that or kill each other whichever came first) and it had worked.

They’d gone from adversaries set on stun to becoming friends and a long time later, lovers.  An event that surprised them both.  In hindsight, perhaps it was the attraction they’d been fighting from the beginning.

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