Phase Shift

Phase Shift – Part 2 Page 114

Phase Shift – Part 2 Page 114


Brenda was deep in thought, securely wrapped in Vance’s arms.  He was a man of many facets.  When on the job he was circumspect and on alert managing to fill Randal’s void eloquently.  At home, comfortable in his surroundings, he let his hair down and another side of him was present.  She wondered how she’d ever thought him supercilious.  The men and women working with him (them) held him in high regard, knew he had their back, aware of his dedication which was profound and deep.

Randal had been a long-time friend and Vance could have been bitter that he’d moved up the ranks so quickly.  Randal was brilliant and giving involving Vance as his second in command.  The work was what was important to both and neither took for granted the position of authority they held.

The more she knew him, the more she loved him.  She hadn’t expected that having sworn off men due to the colossal mistakes she’d made.  He’d proved himself above all that, cleaving to what was real, honest and right, humble enough to apologize when necessary.

His sense of humour was contagious and she’d found herself, laughing and warmed as he let her deeper into who he was, she’d grown, blossomed both touched and somewhat surprised they’d come together forming a unit she treasured.

She owed Randal.  Without his insight and perception, they might never have become a couple.  They’d get him back.  The team would do everything possible to make it right.

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