Happiness Fear and Perfection

There was an article on FB this morning about happiness.

Happiness is the great destroyer of the market place.  If you’re happy with yourself, you won’t fall for advertisements that tout this make up product, that hair product, this diet, that exercise program because look – you don’t measure up to the “perfection” that is the guy pictured with a six-pack or the woman with the perfect smile, perfect figure, perfect walk, perfect clothes.  What of the beauty product industry if you weren’t made to feel less than because you are getting older and have a couple of wrinkles as your body ages.  If you were happy with yourself, your inner self and yes your outer self, fear wouldn’t send you racing to the store for the latest in whatever!

Fear sets in.  You aren’t good enough, you aren’t in line with what everyone else is doing, your outdated, your behind the times.

That car you bought six months ago, isn’t quite good enough so trade it in for an upgrade, a newer model, with more “whatever” and bang your deeper in dept.

The appliances although (working and functioning at optimal levels) isn’t the latest therefore not acceptable.  We’ve long since passed the “keeping up with the Joneses” mentality. Now it’s about inner satisfaction, being less than perfect and the tool to keep you under their thumb is fear.

Just imagine what would happen to the gun sellers – if you stopped fearing for your safety.  Would you need that high-tech camera on the corner of your house?  Would you fear the guy down the street because he’s “different” whether it’s in looks or ideals?  Would you feel threatened by him?  Probably not.

Fear of being less than is intimidating, especially for the young naieve and innocent but even for those who are aware of what’s happening such as an incredibly talented young girl on America’s got talent who dropped out because of the “haters”.  She wasn’t “perfection” and the remarks got to her.  When she first began, she was about the enjoyment, the love of music, and believe me, she has talent.  But the haters stepped in and made her feel insecure about her looks and suddenly she was more concerned about fitting in, being perfect than about having one of the best voices in the competition.

And it starts young.  Children as young as eight are so concerned about fitting it, saying, doing being what their friends are, that they are already doubting their abilities, who they are, where they’re going and how they should look.

We aren’t perfect, we can’t be perfect, but as long as perfection is held out as the end all be all, we’ll continue buying whatever the marketplace touts as the next best thing.  And we are inundated by ads on tv, in books, magazines, paperbacks, movies.  Perfection is unatainable but as long as it’s a motivator as in “fearing” getting older, being less than, people fall victim to it.

People will laugh and make fun of others (because in reality – what they fear they hate) and they fear that they aren’t good enough so pointing fingers at others and constantly ostracizing them for their differences makes them feel wrongly, not as bad.

There’s an old saying that in my mind is as true now as when it was written, “There’s nothing to fear but fear itself.”  Once fear takes over, its no holds barred.

Just a thought!  🙂

A blogger responded and I wished I’d thought of this or I would have included it.  “Fear is Currency”  that is what the marketplace as a whole is using against you. Thank you Stef.  That is exactly what it is!

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  1. You are right on. Fear is used as such a motivator. It comes up so often with my clients, and the terror of being judged. I hadn’t thought about it so much in selling cosmetics, etc, but of course its there. And its the absolute currency of much of what passes for political exchange.

  2. Yup. That’s what i meant when I said “good times” don’t produce cultural advancement. Tough times force decision. Good times are also bad for business, but hard times are good for the soul.

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