Supercilious – Sheryl’s Daily Prompt


She’d heard stories about the man on the hill

Conceited proud supercilious and still

She was drawn to his presence to see for herself

If all she’d heard was true as she rang the doorbell


An offer of cake covered and warm in hand

Peering through the window a baby grand

Stood proudly in the corner such a delight

Her fingers itched to play oh what a sight


A smile played upon her eager lips as she

Waiting patiently she sent up a silent plea

Perhaps not all was lost she decided for

A lover of music had heart at the core


He answered looking haunty and smug

She introduced herself with a slight shrug

He seemed surprised the snobby look gone

Holding out a hand he said “My name’s John.”

Your Daily Word Prompt – Supercilious – July 10th, 2018

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