Phase Shift – Part 2 Page 116


Braxton paused until Vance was across the room and under his breath said, “Hell I didn’t see that coming!”

“That came from nowhere, but Vance wouldn’t suggest a connection if it didn’t exist.  Shit, this could get real dicey real fast!”

“Yeah, so make sure anything you find is irrefutable, connections up the wazoo so it doesn’t come back on any of us.”

“Where the hell did that come from?” Emilio asked again, still shocked.

“Don’t know, but I know Vance.  His research is meticulous and means he found something worth following up.  You know what to do!”

“Yeah tread very carefully.”

“We’ve all wondered how Damara managed to skate on by forever managing to hide so well.  Sure as hell makes sense if she had help, especially Campbell’s.”

“Even if it means rechecking what I’ve already covered, I’ll do it again in case there’s a connect there somewhere.  I started five years ago, before she hit our radar.  I figured she was in the game long before we became aware of her.”

“I’ll start from here and work back to meet you. The trail I was following petered out so it won’t hurt to start anew especially armed with what we suspect.”

“Let’s do this!  Low-key, real low-key.”

Vance had no choice but to inform Braxton and Emilio about his suspicions.  He knew they’d keep it under their hats and would only comment if necessary.  They were good men, trusted men.

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