Phase Shift

Phase Shift – Part 2 Page 117

Phase Shift – Part 2 Page 117


Just as he was sitting at his desk, a holo-gram came in on an encrypted line.  Marsden had replied unexpectedly quick.  Taking a deep breath, he opened it.  It read, “Watch your back.  Campbell is aware your looking.  Encrypt everything.  He’s watching, waiting to pounce.”  The message vanished within second of reading it. “That’s interesting!” he voiced his concerns aloud.

Calling Brenda, Emilio and Braxton into his office, he indicated closed door meeting.  On a holo-pad he’d written what had transpired followed by “be very careful!” “We don’t know how he’ll respond.  Watch your backs!” Once they’d read it, he deleted it.  Each face mirrored concern and the same question he had, how the hell had Campbell learned within 24 hours he was a suspect!  They nodded and quietly left.

Another layer.  If he were Campbell, he’d have protocols in place to alert him about just such a circumstance.  The issue was that he could wipe any of them out of existence and all evidence of his movements.  With Randal gone, a part of the safety net they’d constructed was missing.  Randal was an expert in covering their tracks, in maneuvering through the system without the system becoming aware of their activities.  Luckily for all concerned he was an honest man.  Although quite adept at this strategy himself, he didn’t have Randal’s capabilities.  He was a match for Campbell on every level.  Unfortunately, his area of expertise was encrypted, rightfully so.  It protected all of them.  Damn but he needed him now!  Vance decided he had to make another trip and leave Randal a message he would immediately answer.

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