It takes drive for one to succeed

Move beyond that which impedes

To growth renewal and maturity


Roadblocks pop up along the way

Threatening to thwart us and allay

Or those that would trip us up sneeringly


But we are stronger than that aren’t we

As searching our souls we then decree

We shall overcome all odds cast our way


2 thoughts on “Drive

  1. I just had enough drive to put all the pillows into cases, remake the bed, vacuum the living room and the sofas, and now my drive has been driven. The weather is, as my son put it so well, brutal. We have reached that humidity level where the air feels WET. Icky. Supposedly it’s going to rain any minute now and bring in a cool front. I keep waiting. So far, it’s still very hot and very sticky.

    1. Ugh! We’re at 74F with 51% humidity. Not going outside now. My drive got up and went. I should be washing my floors, but um, I might wait on that lol.

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