Phase Shift – Part 2 Page 124

Vance found a string of possibilities that looked plausible.  He followed two to find intersections that guaranteed this was a path Damara had used.  It let him several days then weeks and he’d been tracking her for several months.  Finally, he thought, headway!  Who did it connect with?  Randal, Campbell, was it past present or god forbid future!  If future, hopefully he could end it without causing damage to anyone else.  It depended on who she’d involved.  It was painstaking work.

Brenda entered his office and held up a hologram report.  It clearly outlined Campbell’s endeavours for several weeks.  He read, “slow going, he’s covered his tracks well.  Several paths leading nowhere as to be expected.  There are some promising leads though.”  Vance nodded then mouthed, good.  Fill you in on what I’ve found later.

She smiled as she left.  Alright, they were getting closer, step by painstaking step, but it was movement and it mattered.  Locking this down tightly so no one could play with it was the important part.  Randal had shown her how to prepare for just such an eventuality, and she’s paid attention.  There was no way anyone could get to the information she’d stored let alone find it.

Vance was cautiously pleased.  Considering who they were dealing with, namely Campbell, it was too soon to be overly optimistic.  He was a clever opponent and wouldn’t leave much to chance.  If there were loopholes, they’d be nearly invisible.  Hopefully Randal had some vital input but if not, the slowly methodical method they were using should suffice.

2 thoughts on “Phase Shift – Part 2 Page 124

  1. Even the best and most careful criminals make mistakes, especially if they get arrogant. I had to play catch up today, it was fun to read four installments in one go.

    1. So its still working? I’ve been sick with the flue for 7 days, a tad better today, but still rough. Writing has been a challenge cause my brain is foggy. Thank you, Sheryl for popping by. Your feedback means worlds.

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