Phase Shift – Part 2 Page 125

Vance was determined to keep the team in the loop, so they were invited to an informal get together at his place.  Sitting outside around a massive floating table, everyone relaxed, enjoying the reprieve.

The evening wore on and finally Vance said, “I’m sorry to put a damper on the party.  We needed this, all of us.  You’ve all worked diligently and I thank each of you.”  He made eye contact with every single member of his team before continuing.

Vance took several moments to bring them up to speed on Campbell, their visit to Randal, their suspicious and concerns. Then asked for their thoughts, input and ideas.  Nothing should be overlooked, every contingency considered.

He assured them all that Marsden was aware and watching their backs as well as updating them on every current event involving Campbell.

A couple of hours passed as each member added their piece of the puzzle and he could see it in their eyes, a picture was forming.  Although compartmentalized for safety sake, when the pieces were laid out, a path to both perpetrators, tying them together (although this required more in-depth work and indisputable proof) it was apparent to all they were making decent progress.

They finished up, enjoyed a drink around the holo-campfire and nodding, one by one, they left.  Brenda crawled into bed beside him.  “It’s going well, don’t you think?”

“Yes, it is, and I do.”  He laid a kiss on her head smoothing her hair, “I love you!”

Brenda lifted her gaze to meet his, her eyes glistened.  She’d longed to hear those words, never dared speak of her feelings herself.  “I love you back!”

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