Phase Shift – Part 2 Page 126

Vance and Brenda cuddled out on the floating bed surrounded by holo-lights.  It was a romantic setting and one they would usually have taken advantage of.  Tonight, however, their thoughts were on other things.  “Braxton and Emilio seemed the most accepting of events, don’t you think?”

“Yes, they were.  They are closer to the center of what’s happening.  I’m counting on both of them.  They have mad skills.  Next to you they are the best.”

Looking up into his eyes she smiled, “Why thanks.”

“Truer words!”  Vance responded with a heart-warming kiss.

“We know Campbell’s behind the losses.  His next measurable step is to either go after Randal (and it surprises me he hasn’t) or Damara.”

“If I’m on target, I’d say Damara.  If he’s aware of her unscrupulous activities, and realizes they put him in jeopardy, she’d be the one he’d go after.  He knows he’d have to go head to head with Randal and Randal would win, no doubt about that.”

“So our next move is to find a strong link between him and Damara, keep on that until we find a connector we can use to separate them.  That way we could take both down at the same time.”

“I have Braxton on one and Emilio on the other.  They are coordinating their efforts.  They’ve both gone to great lengths covering each other’s tracks.  It’s particularly annoying they managed this long to go undetected, but we’re getting there.”

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