Phase Shift

Phase Shift – Part 2 Page 127

Phase Shift – Part 2 Page 127

Campbell was aware of the sideways glances directed his way.  More so than usual and it had him on edge. They knew something.  He glanced at the others whose gaze shifted rather than make eye contact.   He’d always been above them in intelligence and couth and was aware they’d envied him.  On one hand, looking down their noses at the nerd, the compu-geek and on the other awed by his brilliance.  He’d proven his superiority but now he was working on his master plan.  Once that was accomplished, they’d realize what a true genius he really was.  He couldn’t hold back the smirk.

Damara had left a trail, minute, but it was there and he’d found the thread.  All he had to do was keep tucking on it.  He’d find her and end her little drama so he could fulfill his ultimate goal.  He wasn’t interested in world domination, just dominating his corner of the world.  With unlimited riches at his fingertips he could make the changes to the system that the system required.

Run by limited minds that couldn’t think outside the box, always pulling in the reigns of creativity when it mattered.  He’d prove once and for all that he’d been right.  He’d provide endless possibilities for everyone in the current world and beyond to the far distances of the galaxy.  Not even this universe, that was too limiting.

He’d have everyone regardless of age traveling to every system in the known and unknown galaxy living with untold imagination creating new wonders to behold.  Nothing so esoteric as Pyramids or walls or the like, but true wonders where time and space actually met!

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