I wonder all the time.

I wonder if comedians like Robin Williams (one of the greatest of all times to my way of thinking) felt the need to be “funny” all the time.  As soon as he was on stage, or even in the presence of other people, did he feel the need to BE the Robin Williams that everyone had come to know.  Always “on” always the “class clown” if you will.  His comedy certainly reflected (especially later) the times in which we live.  He obviously gave great thought to what was going on in the world around him.  His comedy centered around the “living stage” of what was happening in the world.

He created some iconic moments, iconic characters.

I’m sure we all know that a great deal of comedy comes from inner suffering, inner pain.  Other comics have related their life’s course and what living their life had been.  Many suffered greatly.  So I have to ask myself, is comedy their way of dealing with the un-dealable (I know not a word) but it fits.

Hope you enjoy!  More on this subject later 🙂

Robin Williams had Louis Body Dimentia and Parkinsons.  Louis Body Dimentia affects body emotions and behaviour.  Neuro cognitive testing was set in place but he wanted to take control back and ended his life.   I wanted to set the record straight.  He did not have depression.

Sadly, it is a great comedic loss and a great loss to family and friends.  We miss you Robin.

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  1. I think you are definitely onto something. I think in the beginning, comedy is their passion. Something to help them cope with the hardships of life.
    But then, all of a sudden, your passion turns into work. People have expectations. They meet you in real life and wonder if you’re the same as on screen, so you put up an act to be polite. By the time you know it, it’s too late. You’ve amassed a lot of pain and regret, and comedy becomes just a mask that facilitated all the piling.
    So how do you make it stop?

    1. My own thought is that you divide the “what” you do from “who” you are. You are an individual, great at comedy, but you are a father, mother sister brother . By creating a separation you can remain whole. At least that’s my thought for what it’s worth.

        1. No. it isn’t easy to compartmentalize but sometimes it’s a must! After posting, I did more follow up on Robin Williams. He didn’t have depression as was reported but a form of dementia that attacks the brain then body and emotions. His wife said he didn’t want to become less than and in order to take control back he ended his life. Sad. Very sad.

          1. Yup. I knew that.
            I totally agree about compartmentalization. But I look at my co-workers and wonder. They can’t leave their personal lives at the door when they come in to work.
            Work and personal lives should be kept separate.

          2. To some degree. Let’s face it, mostly. It’s nice to now your co-workers and what’s happening in their lives often creates a positive workplace, but some people carry on and it’s too much of a good thing.

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