I have to say, the weirdest thing has happened this morning.  I’ve been reflecting for days on how busy everyone one with summer here, vacation time, taking as many opportunities to be outdoors and enjoy as possible that it was reasonable there weren’t as many posts to read.  I write mine then check out as many as I can on a daily bases, usually spending about 2 hours going to visit my favourites.  Checking in on your lives, getting an update on what you’ve been doing, interested in, writing about and involved with.

I have to say the time frame dropped to 20 minutes.  I thought, wow, everyone is busy, this is good. My entire family has gone on vacation for three weeks.  It’s been unusually silent.  I was sick for a week (whether it was food poisoning or not, not sure)  too sick to care.  My son had the same malady.  We felt wretched.  He went to work though it was rough.  We didn’t cook for a week, or eat for that matter.  Gradually feeling better, not on top of it yet, but it’s ok, I’m getting there.

Today, as I made my rounds, reading all I could find, I was dumbfounded to find posts from many of you that went back as far as the 20th of July.  I’m not talking just one person, but so many of you.  Your posts must have gone into the netherland and only returned recently and I’ve found them.

Well, I’ve been happily catching up with many.  Too many blogs to always leave a comment, but wow, jut wow!   Delighted I could catch up.  Really not sure what happened there.  It’s fun though.

Thanks for being there.  I so enjoy all you write and blog about.  It’s heartwarming, touching, quite funny and always entertaining.


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  1. It’s a WordPress thing. They’ve done it to all of us at one time or another. And sometimes, Google does it too and I get email that was written months ago. Where was it all this time?

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