Dramatic – A Daily Post

Oh to be a teen again

Carrying a ball and chain

Everything in life dramatic

Emotions so erratic


Drama drama drama

Life full of melodrama

The ups and downs uncertainty

Life often lived carelessly


Hormones raging every which way

Emotional outbursts such an array

Nope been through that long ago

Life’s one great big puppet show


Give me sedate serene and calm

Able to live with some aplomb

Relaxed able to have some fun

With those days I am long done

2 thoughts to “Dramatic – A Daily Post”

    1. It is funny. I watch my grandchildren going through it. E is now 17 and got a driver’s license so she’s calmed down considerably. She wants to be thought of as “mature”. smirk smirk. I still remember!!!!!!!! lol all the drama haha

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