Phase Shift – Part 2 Page 134

Before he could respond, Brenda asked, “How long would it take you to get information on this woman?”

His look said it all.  He’d hunted her forever, but that someone else knew of her, meant they may have more evidence to add to the growing file.  “As a matter of fact, I’ve been tracking her for quite some time and she’s been involved in several thefts and possible murder here.  If she wasn’t an active participant, then she orchestrated the killings.”


Randal pulled up a hologram to show her what he’s found so far and what he was currently working on. When he was finished he asked, “Do you have any further data we could add to lock and seal her fate?”

“I didn’t bring anything with me.  Unfortunately, my data has a way of disappearing and I have it locked up tightly.”  She took a chance and used a term only Randal would know of as an explanation of how she’d gone about doing so.

“Where did you learn about this?”

“A former leader and friend showed me how to guard data safely.  He’s the only one who knows the process, and he willingly shared it with me.”

“Brilliant mind.  It’s not an easy process to pull off.”

“He is that!  As well as dedicated honest and determined.  I’ve admired him for years.”






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