Phase Shift – Part 2 Page 134

Brenda chose her words carefully since she couldn’t say too much without placing Randal in a precarious position.  “We’ve been tracking her for some time and lost her.  Having recently found her again, we know she’s here.  Do you have any leads?”

“A few but I’m working on it trying to resolve the current situation.  I want to show you something you might find surprising and curious.”  He led her to the bedroom with the mirror.  “This might seem strange to you, but it’s how I’ve managed to track her so far.  Not really sure how this works but it works.”  He lifted the cover and stood in front of the mirror taking hold as usual and was instantly transported to another location as Brenda watched with rapt interest.

Randal stood in a room full of men and women.  As he gazed around the room, he took particular note of a man and woman.  The woman beside him, no less and a man he vaguely felt he knew.  He held onto the connection for a few more minutes then dropped it and stood back to recover the mirror.

“Mind telling me what this is about?”  He found himself staring at Brenda and an awareness was present as well as an aura.

“This is going to seem strange.  We didn’t want to overload your senses and decided taking it slow was the right way to proceed.”

They headed back to his office.  Randal was shaken.  He had a second identity?

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