Phase Shift – Part 2 Page 135


“What’s the meaning of this?”  Randal asked with some exasperation.

“You don’t belong here.  Your time is with us.”

“What the hell does that mean?”

Brenda slowly filled Randal in on what had gone before, his life, his job, his friends.  “You grabbed onto Damara when she made an escape and were pulled into her time stream, or the one she’s created.  It’s taken us months to track you down.”

“While this seems unbelievable, it feels right, it feels true.”  Randal shook his head.  “I’ve made a life here,” he noted, “a good one, one I love and enjoy.  People I love and enjoy.”

“We get that, what’s more we appreciate it.  You’ve been alone too long Randal.  Your work became everything to you, understandably.”

“What’s with the mirror?”

“It seems to be a connection between you and Damara.  Hopefully, it’s a one-way mirror.  We have left you messages, hoping you’d understand them.”

“On the mirror.  I noticed.  Couldn’t figure out how they got there.  I was working on them before you showed up.”

“This Campbell fellow is in league with Damara then?”

“We believe so.  At least he taught her enough for her to make this jump and she’s been doing so for sometime now making tracking her difficult.  She’s learned how to end streams and hop back on without any detriment to herself.”

“That’s a fascinating leap!”

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