Phase Shift

Phase Shift – Part 3 – Page 140

Phase Shift – Part 3 Page 140

Randal was considering how much he could safely explain to his friends.  There was a line in the sand that dictated how much information could be divulged without corrupting time knowledge of the future and the effects it could have on the individual as well.

Randal was a man of integrity and honour.  It was who he was.  Still knowledge could have detrimental effects.  They already knew via the mirror that it was possible to move through time, but they didn’t know you could cross time, big difference.

He also knew at some point, he would have to make a choice.  Stay or go.  He’d unwittingly involved Sherry in this.  She was of the present and couldn’t travel to his time.  Whether he could stay without injury or side effects at this point, was unclear.  No one had ever tried it before.

Randal was a man deep in thought when Sherry returned home.  “Hello handsome lover of mine.” She dropped a kiss on the top of his head.  Cocking her head to one side she said, “Care to share?”

Randal looked lovingly up into her eyes.  “Just the case, love, just the case.  It’s taken a turn and I’m not sure where this will lead.”

“Well!  In that case, why not take a break.  Let’s eat, have some wine, canoodle and call it a night when the time is right.”  She wiggled her eyebrows up and down suggestively which had Randal up and out of his chair, arms wrapped around her and ending with a kiss to end all kisses.

“Yum, just what I was thinking.”  Sherry smiled, the love in her eyes clearly evident.

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