Phase Shift

Phase Shift – Part 3 Page 141

Phase Shift – Part 3 Page 141

Germaine was up early, long before his shift at the station began.  He’d found an unusual link and had followed it the night before.  He copied the information and sent it to Randal in a holo-gram so they could discuss it later, or Randal could take a look at it and determine whether it was significant. It was exciting to Germaine since he was sure it was significant.  Damara had left an open door.  Perhaps Randal could squeeze through and find her.

Sherry hurried off to work with a last lingering kiss that Randal more than appreciated and he grabbed a coffee and settled down in his office.  Finding Germaine’s holo-gram he began deciphering all that it meant and he was excited for the first time.  This could be something.  After working for a couple of hours, he headed to the mirror.  He was about to remove the cover and follow up when he heard someone land.  Peering out the office window, he saw Brenda.

He let her in and explained what he was working on.  She eagerly followed him to the mirror.  “What do I do?”

“Stand back.  I don’t want this to affect you or suck you into the vortex.  It’s strong.  It takes all my strength to pull back out.  Be ready. If I get stuck, pull me away from the mirror.”

Randal took hold of the mirror and let his thoughts take him to what the holo-gram had suggested was the last area Damara had been.  He was immediately whisked into her presence.  He was sure she was unaware of him, but he could see the aura around her.  She was meeting with Sykes.  He listened to the plan they’d concocted and smirked.  When they were finished, Damara walked away without looking back, sure he’d follow her directions to the letter.  Sykes on the other hand, had other thoughts in mind.

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