Phase Shift – Part 3 Page 142

Randal voluntarily released the mirror.  Standing back, he swayed.  Brenda grabbed hold of his arm.  “You ok?”

“Yeah, it was much more intense this time.  I’ve been on the outskirts if you will, this time I was right in the midst of their planning.  Perhaps that made a difference to the feel, the intensity.”

“I couldn’t hear them but from what I saw, it looked as though they were planning something.”

“Yes, yes they were, and I heard the plan.  Interestingly, Sykes (the perp she’s currently using) was in, but has other plans that don’t include Damara.  I have a feeling once he gets what he wants, he has something else in store for Damara.”

“You think he’ll finish her?”

“I certainly wouldn’t dismiss the idea.  He’s power hungry and greedy as well.  He mistakenly thinks he’s in control.  He’s kidding himself.  Damara has proven herself quite an adversary.  Since she’s consorting with Campbell, I’m sure she has already prepared an escape route and has an equally devious plan in mind.”

“Is it possible Campbell is aware of the plan?”

“I doubt it.  He’d have shown up and destroyed Damara, crashed her timeline or added an element designed to capture her.  He wants her out of the way.”

“So what’s our next step?”

“I introduce you to the team.  We detail what’s going on, what we’ve found.  I won’t tell them about you, just that you have been assigned as an extra pair of hands.  I don’t want to disrupt the future if possible.”

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