Porch – Sheryl’s Daily Prompt

Once in the long ago

Amid summer’s glow

Families would gather

Sit and often blather


On the front porch

Under glow of torch

Hum a tune sing a song

Guitar playing along


Wave at neighbours

None were strangers

Sip iced tea in summer

Alongside father ‘n mother


Rarer these days it seems

Even when the moonbeams

Call our name, invite us to sit

Life’s too busy we admit


To partake in such luxury

We’re all in such a hurry

Day becomes night and

Night becomes day and and…


Your Daily Word Prompt – Porch – August 13th, 2018

4 thoughts on “Porch – Sheryl’s Daily Prompt

  1. Such a sad truth. Though I do enjoy waking out onto the porch for a minute or two every now and then. I recon once I retire I will sit there all day.

  2. We don’t have one on our house either. The conversation to put one in has come up a few times this year. Thus the prompt. The one apartment I lived in had a gross view of the neighboring apartments garbage bins and parkinglot so, I didn’t enjoy it much… or at all.

    1. That was mine too. Parking lot and bins but the parking lot was huge. We also had a forest of trees that semi separated us so that was good. My eagles came to visit and that was the bonus. There’s no room here for one. There are 3 but at the front of the house. One day, perhaps.

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