Phase Shift – Part 3 Page 146


Germaine was captivated by Brenda which amused Randal.  Germaine had his head on his shoulders as they say and wasn’t one to waver, yet he was a little sidetracked.  Randal knew she was involved with Vance, he’d remembered that in a blinding flash, but his hands were tied.  He couldn’t say much lest he disrupt the time-line, so he kept silent.  Brenda would figure out a way to let him down gently if need be.

Connections were being made it was indeed a relief that with the extra hands they were closing in, securing the knot around Damara.  If they could capture Campbell in the same instance, it would be wonderful indeed a coup of the best order he thought.

He’d had to leave that connection with Brenda, he couldn’t take the risk the others might find out about her and disrupt what was meant to be.

“Randal, I think I have something.”  He nodded toward the door and they walked out onto the balcony.

“Go ahead.”  He was eager to hear what she’d found.

“Look at this.”  She held up a holo-gram and on it, were intersections that he could clearly identify as past present and future.  “This is Campbell, this is Damara.  They connect here!  In this timeline, ours, yours, the here and now.  It hasn’t happened yet, but it’s going to.  They will meet.”

“Great work, Brenda.  It’s simply a matter of narrowing down the time and place.  If we have all our ducks in a row, we can nab both.  I suspect that Campbell won’t arrive without an escape route.  Can you narrow that down?  How he might leave and where he’d go?”

“Working on it.”

“Brenda, you are a godsend.  It would have taken forever, if ever without your expertise and a heads up on this.”

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