Phase Shift – Part 3 Page 147


They worked feverishly for three days connecting the dots, checking and double checking to ensure the information was indeed correct.  Finally, unequivocally, Randal could attest the perfection the information offered. Yes!  They were scheduled to meet in exactly five days from now at 5:23. The connection didn’t last long, so he could only surmise what was to happen whether they renewed their acquaintance or Campbell snuffed her out.  There was a great deal at stake here, he had much to lose and when push came to shove, he could conceivably snuff her out.

Damara on the other hand, was an old hand at subterfuge and conniving and had obviously tried her hand at murder.  If her hatred for Webster was so strong she’d travel here to obtain retribution, then she could as easily murder Webster or Campbell and wouldn’t think twice about snuffing out Sykes.

He was compiling his thoughts and preparing the program of action to undertake when his private unregistered holo-phone blipped.  “Hello.”

“It’s me.  I have to be quick.  Sykes and that Damara woman are scheduled to meet in four days and the undertaking is Webster’s.  They plan on taking it to the ground, figuratively and physically.  They have dynamite planted they plan to detonate at 5 pm.  Sorry they’re coming, got’ta go.”

He listened to the silence.  That was Sykes style no doubt, but Damara would agree simply because she wanted him out of the picture.  She had a plan to rid herself of Sykes as well, guaranteed.  They had to put their heads together and figure out how not only to safe the unworthy Sykes, but any others that may be in the building at the time.  Dynamite, expensive – not something readily available.  Hell, any type of explosive simply were not available in this day and age.  It meant she’d travelled back through time to obtain it.

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