Phase Shift – Part 3 Page 148


Randal arranged a lunch meeting for all the staff and they gathered together enjoying lunch outside in the park.  They huddled together as though preparing for a football game.  Indeed, it was a game, an important one.  He filled them in on what his informant had told him, and they began cross checking their data to find a link connecting Damara with another time in which she could have obtained the dynamite.  “Old fashioned but effective,” Randal observed aloud.

“Next, in five days, the day after she’s set to destroy Webster’s, she and Campbell meet and whether one does the other in, or they reestablish a relationship is anybody’s guess, but both streams stop there.  Something fortuitous happens whether good or bad and for which party, can’t tell.  Maybe Sykes does them both in and walks away with the spoils.  He may not know how to manipulate what he has, but he’s sharper than you’d think, he could have figured out an angle, obtained what he needs from an unwitting Damara.  She’s so full of her own virtue she may not realize what he’s up to.”

“These are the connections we have to run down.  We have 4 days precisely.  I want everyone pulling every possible hour you can spare.  It might go against the grain to save a dirt-bag like Damara and her cohorts, but there are other lives at stake, we can’t discount their lives.”

“Don’t allow yourselves to be distracted but anything, stick to the theme we’re going after.  I’m sure Damara or Campbell has thrown “streams” in the way that might look like something.  I want you to hand anything that might distract to Brenda.  She can follow up faster than you.”

“Everyone on the same page?”  At the nods, they finished their lunch and headed back to the office.

Brenda leaned in and asked, “What do you think?”

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