Basic – Sheryls Daily Prompt


Every man woman and child

Were instantly beguiled

By the delightful fantasy

Taken in lost to reality


A master at the game

You instantly knew fame

Travelling from town to town

Such a delightful clown


Though basic magical acts

With laughter people collapse

Enthralled delighted enamoured

On each and every occasion ensured


A delightful time spent in the arena

Laughing like a group of hyenas

You never failed to delight us all

Come again for us you enthrall





Your Daily Word Prompt – Basic – August 19th, 2018

6 thoughts on “Basic – Sheryls Daily Prompt

    1. That is gracious of you. I don’t know how to meter. I write what comes basically. Most of what I do comes “naturally” I used to paint draw and do photography, untaught, by eye. I loved it so much. I’m enjoying writing poetry and it’s new to me, only the last 2 years have I written. Your work on the other hand is beyond exquisite. I’m excited for you, I wondered if SoundEagle is going to publish you? Sounded promising if so. You deserve it. I’d be honoured to buy your first published book.

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