Phase Shift – Part 3 Page 149

The evening progress uneventfully.  Germaine left to meet up with friends to play squash and Sherry and Randal settled in to a comfortable evening watching old movies.  A particular joy since they rarely had time to just relax.  Casablanca followed by Gone with the Wind.

Sherry nestled into Randal.  Sighing she said, “Soo romantic!”

“Nothing wrong with a little romance.”  Randal pulled her closer still.  “It is the keystone to happiness.”

Sherry turned and looked up into his eyes.  “You are a true romantic.  Underneath all the bluster and straight ace stuff, you’re a romantic of the first order.”

“With you, it comes naturally.  I’d make romantic gestures every day if it weren’t overkill.”

Sherry smiled happily, “I know you would and in fact, you do.”  At his raised eyebrow she continued, “You greet me at the door with a massive bear hug, you twirl me around when I least expect it, you look in my eyes in a way no other man has ever done.  You reach my very soul.”  She reached up and laid her palm against his cheek, “You make me feel special on every level.”

“You deserve nothing less.  You’re my sweet angel.  I adore you.  My goal, to give you the world on a string.”

Laughing delightedly Sherry said, “See?  See?  There it is, effortlessly, rolling off your tongue.  Nothing contrived about it.  You are just you.  I love everything about you, Randal.”

Lifting her in his arms, he headed toward the bedroom, “Delighted to hear that because I love you.  You hold my heart in your hands.”  Silently he whispered, “I’d do anything for you.”

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