Cerulean – Sheryls Daily Prompt

Cerulean skies overhead

On the day that we were wed

Bespoke good things to come

For us there’d be no humdrum


A picture in my head I saw

Filling me with delighted awe

A path together we’de taken

Deep affection had awakened


There’d be ups and downs for sure

But in your love I felt so secure

To this day cerulean blue skies

Immediately fill these old eyes


With a glistening joy of what was

As memories whisper because

The emptiness pierces my heart

As you are now no longer a part


Of my life since your passing

I reach out as if I am clasping

Your warm hand in mine once again

Alas, it is but a memory of my dearest friend


Your Daily Word Prompt – Cerulean – August 20th, 2018

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