Phase Shift – Part 3 Page 150


The population at large were law abiding citizens, looking out for one another, sometimes overtly as in the case Germaine was writing up which touched his heart and filled him with hope.  A neighbour hadn’t shown up for his ritual morning coffee prompting the other attendee to search him out.  He’d found his friend’s door ajar and his friend unconscious just inside his door.  After calling paramedics and the police, he’d attempted to comfort his groggy friend sporting a large gash on his head.

When paramedics arrived, the man was awake and attempting to get up insisting he was alright, didn’t need medical assistance.  His friend and Germaine finally convinced him to go to the hospital for a checkup anyway.  Over-ruled, he finally agreed.

Germaine followed the ambulance to the hospital and waited until the gentleman was comfortable and settled and his wound attended before entering to ask his questions.  Apparently, he’d been accosted by a woman who was determined to gain entrance to his home.  He couldn’t understand her gibberish as she was seemingly incoherent with rage.  When he tried to forcibly remove her, she struck him.

Germaine obtained a very clear description of the woman and his eyes rounded with shock.  What the hell was Damara doing entering this man’s abode?  What was of interest here?

Outside he called Randal and explained the situation.  “I don’t have time to run a check on the man’s home, if I give you the details, can you run his name and location?”

“Consider it done.  This could be the connection, Germaine.  Something here I think.”

“Me too.  She hasn’t shown her face in weeks and now this?  The timing has to mean something and the place, quite obviously.”

“I’ll get back to you when I know more,” Randal promised.

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