Phase Shift – Part 3 Page 151

When Randal peered through his office door, he noticed his people hard at work, noses to the grindstone.  Everyone had an assignment and the pieces were coming together.  For his part, he was concentrating on Campbell because he knew how his mind worked, what he was capable of and was the only one capable of foiling his plans, whatever they might be.

It was pleasing and disconcerting, knowing two different worlds, where he belonged in each and who his friends were.  Logic told him at some point he’d have to make a choice and either return to the world from which he came or remain here.  He’d built a life here in a short amount of time and found a woman to love, who meant everything to him.  Sherry was a spectacular woman and if he returned to his former life, he’d have to leave her behind and his heart ached at the thought, just as it ached for the friends and career he’d built he’d have to walk away from.  His career was valuable productive and had been his focus for years.  It was a dilemma of the first order.

Brenda, Vance and the other members of his crew had worked valiantly to find him in order to bring him home.  He couldn’t fault them for doing their job effectively proficiently and loyally.  He owed them.  He never once considered this aspect, the possibility of this aspect when he’d leaped to follow Damara.  He hadn’t expected to be here this long or built a life in the meantime.  He’d expected to remain carefree, follow Damara, capture her and return.

While he’d attempted to remain aloof, Sherry had captured his heart and he loved her completely.  The men he worked with, the friends he’d made were part of his life and he, theirs.

If he didn’t return, would he disrupt both timelines irrevocably?  If he stayed would he fade out of existence?  Questions he had no answers for at the moment.

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