Phase Shift – Part 3 Page 153


Damara had an ace up her sleeve.  She’d done considerable digging.  She knew Campbell’s capabilities and had painstakingly followed the dots until she’d found what he was planning.  Nice little nest egg all tucked away.  Added to her personal funding program, it would be a double coup, besting Campbell at his own game and using his leads to enter another time frame another future and endless possibilities.  She’d have to be damn quick to pull it off, but she could do it.  It meant choices.  Going for the gold or ridding herself of Randal once and for all.  Decisions, decisions. Damn it!  She wanted her cake and eat it too.

The current pressing question was what to do with Randal.  He’d never stop.  He’d dog her forever and she was about done with that scenario.  Perhaps she could keep him in line if she had claws in his darling Sherry.  That could be arranged.  Again, it was all about decisions.  Which came first, the chicken or the egg.  There wouldn’t be enough time to take care of Randal and Campbell and Campbell’s game lead to bigger fish with endless possibilities.  Still, Randal was the pain in her side that constantly annoyed and hurt and which she couldn’t ever get rid of.

As for Sykes, once his usefulness was over, she’d throw him on the dung pile where he’d remain for the rest of his natural life, useless as it was.


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